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Bambusa Metake

For simplification all are Bamboo are prefixed Bambusa in our correspondence and price lists.

Superb as feature plants and for instant screens the sales of these elegant, useful and tough plants increases every year.

At Hatfield we always have the best sellers in stock Bambusa Aurea, Bambusa Nigra (both clup forming) and Metake (spreading).

Probably the hardiest of all the bamboo in stock is Bissettii which has beautiful dark green stems and bright foliage.

For more interest look for Vivax Aureocaulis (big fat yellow stems with a green stripe) Aureosulcata Aureocaulis which has bushy yellow stems and Aureocsulcat specatabilsis which gets interesting kinks in the stem (yellow with green stripe).

Bambusa Vivax

Bambusa Aurea 70lt


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