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For whom we cater for...

Garden Designers

As a garden designer we invite you to explore our selection of products before starting your next garden. Drop by our Hertfordshire nursery to get inspired. We will be very happy to help you, with expert advice on a specific projects or during a non-obligatory, exploratory visit. Of course, we can help you find the most suitable plants for your customer. Realising your customer's dream garden or green project is our major concern, as much as it is yours.

Landscaping Contractors

Landscaping contractors are often involved in a project from the very beginning, in the design phase. Europlants will gladly think with you, from those very first moments. In close cooperation, we can look at what plants best fit your customer's needs. We will gladly give an overview of the rootballsizes, weight and transport space required and, of course, deliver each plant to make your project a hassle-free success.

Garden Centres

EuroPlants UK Ltd supply stock to a number of Garden Centres thoughout the UK. We are able to supply and deliver everything from 10m Bamboo to 5 litre Photinia - all of the highest quality and at competitive trade prices. Garden Centre employees will receive a warm welcome when they visit and are invited to select and tag the stock they require, 12 months of the year. You will always find new and interesting varieties as well as different forms and specifications.

We can deliver nationwide and are able to offer pre-pricing and bar-coding as standard.

Public Authorities

EuroPlants UK Ltd deliver plants to local councils who wish to (re)decorate squares, streets or parks.

Are you working on a public landscape project? EuroPlants UK Ltd can offer an assortment of plants that will, no doubt, exceed your expectations.

EuroPlants UK Ltd are Wholesale Only